Guided Nature Walks

Experience wilderness in true sense by getting up close and personal with nature. Learn to track tiger pugmarks, understand jungle sounds and unravel the mysteries of nature.

River crossing on a rope line

Traverse a river below by crawling across it with the help of a rope, harness, pulley and other mountaineering equipment. Pump up your adrenaline while doing so.

Mountain Bicycling

Experience thrilling bicycle rides through dense forests and village trails, traverse rivers and hills and pump up your adrenaline.

Corporate Trainings

Build leadership skills, hone your networking and be a true team player with our unique corporate training programs.

Water Surfing

Drift through a hundred year old British Water Canal as it snakes through the periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve. Watch birds; sing a melody or simply frolick in the water!


The star above hold a billion secrets, spot the great bear and your own zodiac sign at the 'Devsthal' harbouring the largest telescope in Asia.

Cliff Jump & Swimming

Imagine jumping from a cliff into the crystal clear waters of a pound amidst hills and mountains. This is an experience that will be cherished forever! .


Trek through the forests of Corbett or the large hills of Mukteshwar, best way to experience the Kumaon.

Village Interaction

Experience Kumaoni culture and village lifestyle by doing hands on farming and interacting with local people. This is a great cultural exchange program.

Bird Watching

The surrounds of camp hornbill are a birdwatchers paradise, from crimson sunbirds to Great Hornbills, our expert naturalists will always add more to your list.

Wildlife Safaris

The experience of a jeep safari to appreciate the beautiful landscape of the Corbett Tiger Reserve is worth a visit when visiting this region.

Ladder Climbing

Take up the challenge of balancing your body on a hanging ladder. Learn the techneque of using hands and feet & experience the thrill of a free fall while coming down!